• poetrybank 9w

    Love Boat

    You are the sun that shine so bright
    You are the moon that shimmers in night
    You are the star that glimmer soo bright
    Yes you are the one that makes my day and night
    I wish u would see the angle i see
    When u stand infront of me
    I am the happiest person whenever u are near but the second u lied
    I shed a lonely tear.
    This isn't just a joke or silly lie.
    I'd never do anything that makes u cry.
    It hurts soo badly when I think of what u have done.
    I want to leave u behind but
    I don't have courage to run.
    The day for this night will soon arrive
    The sun of the hope will soo arise.
    Many beautiful things cannot be seen or touched they are felt within the heart .
    U are my baby u are my soul and
    I'll love u forever along.
    Everyday wid u gives me a thrills
    All my dreams u richly fulfill
    I am a fool for your charms
    Yes u are the one that belongs in my arms.