• izuagie 5w


    Mothers suckle their babies
    Cuddling to foster fondness
    Fathers breaking straw
    To feed mouths and make bellies full
    Children playing With barebacks
    And pants to look clad
    Making Imprints of barefeet in earth
    Grinning from ear to ear
    Laughing hard in ecstasy
    Worries about tomorrow inexistent
    A beautiful painting on canvas

    A farfetched reality
    A world of babies deprived of mothers
    A world of mothers oblivious of fondness
    A world of fathers with broken backs
    With mouths to feed and empty bellies
    A world with children denied of play
    Fully clothed but naked
    With shoes that make no prints
    Laughter; a thing only read about in books
    With worries that overwhelm