• tashot 6w

    My lughano,
    The month of May was emotionally epic!
    This month we let our weakness and insecurities pour out to the surface for all to see.
    It was an aggressive learning experience ��
    I laugh because the site of you running away to hide in pretence and brut strength was confusing in the moment but now as I reflect upon it, it's actually hilarious. It was like discovering that the king, protector and provider of the jungle is scared of ants after all.
    It was an embarrassing moment ��
    I'm shy because the thought of all those days after weeks that I bugged you, lashed out on you and threw tantrums in your way... and yet you stood there calmly looking at me and my craziness is such a shame. Like looking wasn't enough, when I was done you picked us up and moved onto the next day like nothing happened.
    It was a discovery process ��
    I'm enlightened by the fact that exposing our insecurities and weaknesses I got to learn more about myself as well as your likes and dislikes, your comfort and discomfort, how you feel disrespected and respected.
    My lughano, in the month of May there was nothing to hide no way to pretend. We fought, we disengaged, yet kept on flowing and growing in process and most importantly we were running into each other by His grace��.
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