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    An Uncursed Kiss


    "You called me that??" he asked surprised. He made somewhat expression, that said he was happy out of bound.
    "Yeah! I think I did."
    "So Ed.. A straight question. Why me?"
    "Do I need to tell?"
    "It was my first question" I said making a puppy face.
    "Oww. Its just.. I.. I love your attitude" He blushed.
    "Is that all?"
    "Don't ask more of it. I love you because I love you. Is it not much reasonable?" He asked.
    Now it was my turn to blush.
    "Have you eaten?"
    "Yes. You?" He said.
    "No. Am gonna go."
    "Wait. What's your favorite color?" He asked suddenly
    "Guess" I said and turned smiling.
    "Red?" He asked aloud.
    "Wild guess. Yeah. But how?"
    "I saw most of your stuffs were red. And you like fire right? I saw you looking at it for long time."
    "So you are keeping a watch on me?" I laughed
    "Until death" He winked. And we laughed.

    The days were much alike for us afterwards, but everyday with so much happiness and different memories. We never said that we could meet at a fixed time. But somehow we had an schedule. Early morning and Evenings, Late Noon and Nights we saw each other. I made little excuses to come out of the house, just to see him wandering there. Becca was literally annoyed of my stories about him. But she copped with it.
    My mom was an amazing woman. She had all sorts of great ideas in her head. She loved us beyond everything. And we loved her too. She worked as teacher in a private school. Sometimes seeing her do so much work make us worry. Even if Becca annoyed her so much she loved her. And she never did any less for us. Sometimes I wish I was grown up so fast and had lots of money to look after my family. Even if Dad was abroad he was pointless. Our wages were from mom. I still get annoy thinking why Dad was abroad without a job and wage. Amd he still refuses to come back or if he comes he go back too.
    All sadistic thoughts in my family melts aways from me when I see him. Thus seeing him became so important. I wanted him to be happy too, and he was.
    Love was like a drug slowly kicking in. Eventually I was addicted to that drug and the one who served it.

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