• peter_shukla 51w

    A Girl In The Graveyard

    I had a dream last night.
    I was in a graveyard.
    I met a girl there.
    We were laughing, talking, flirting.
    I told her that I liked her.

    Then we both started digging a grave.

    We were digging the grave; smiling, flirting and enjoying.

    Soon, she did hold my hand, put me in the grave carefully.

    I was really enjoying that moment.

    She was smiling, I was laughing.

    I was enjoying my own death.

    She then did put soil on me.
    Never had I ever loved the feeling of being suffocated so much.
    I could not breath.

    I still wouldn't come out.

    My family, my friends gathered around the grave. They begged me to come out. Embrace life again as I still had some small control over it.

    But no.

    I was enjoying my death.
    I let her choke me completely.
    As my soul left my body. .

    I died.

    In that lonely graveyard, while that girl was smiling beside.

    As my soul wandered on a tree near my grave,
    I saw another guy enter the graveyard.

    They both talked, for some time.
    They started talking, laughing, flirting.

    They then started to dig another grave.