• raghavendran 10w

    Medusa's Deliverance

    The Medusa trilogy ends with her deliverance from a life which she abhorred. In her heartfelt expression of gratitude, she thanks Perseus who killed her, duly assisted by divinity. Thus the curtain finally falls on her troubled life.

    Medusa's Deliverance

    Oh! Perseus, how shall I thank thee!
    Thou hast from a painful live delivered me,
    I have led a life so cursed
    I prayed and craved to be dead.

    What a despicable live I led
    With snakes wriggling on my head!
    Oh! What a glamorous head it once was,
    With tresses long, shining with gloss.

    What a fall for me, oh! what a fall!
    Alas! I had no powers to forestall
    The events that led to my fate,
    Oh! How I hated the ignoble state.

    I trembled all over with shame
    When I received the unjust blame,
    Was I not a priestess exalted
    When I was by Poseidon assaulted?

    I hated every moment of my existence,
    Such a life my heart did not countenance,
    Yet I had to live against my will.
    Me, none had the power to kill.

    Ah! Then you came as a godsend,
    Thy deed I heartily do commend,
    Thou brought'st my deliverance
    From a life of ignominy and abhorrence.

    Thou art not a brutal killer,
    But blessed with magical valour,
    Thou achieved thy purpose and aim
    And delivered me from a life of shame.

    Raghav R