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    This poetry is not to hurt anyone's feelings, it's a true story of a transgender whom I met ...the way the society treats them but they are still fighting for their existence...we all feel low when rejected , imagine the pain they go through on daily basis... They are human too and trust me they have a heart of gold, a gem of a person...
    With my writing I just want to portray a little of what they go through.... Let's join hands to get them the respect they deserve...

    I am sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings

    Repost as much as you can... Open to collab

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    She opened her eyes and looked at the sky
    The sun was on the high, the heart throbbed to fly

    But the society pulled her back
    Making her realise there's something she lacks

    They never accepted her
    Nor left any chance to slur

    All the time lonely and sad
    To call someone her own- nobody she had
    Her parents left her when she was a child
    She struggled for existence in the wild

    She has a heart of gold
    But she was emotionless and cold
    Pitying her own situation
    Day by day getting into depression

    Never did they understand
    Nor did they lend a helping hand
    She still stood bold
    Hiding the pain in multiple fold...

    She encountered a child
    For the first time in a while she smiled
    for the child didn't judge her
    and it really doesn't matter

    It was like she got the Heaven,
    her agony has lessen
    She was happy
    as she put the child to sleep with a lullaby

    It's high time we respect them
    Because, they are a person with a heart of a gem...