• sanchii 9w

    Always Try.

    It isn't just about having dreamt.
    It's rather, and most of all, about having dreamt the challenging, the hazardous....
    the impossible. It's rather about having looked the reality in it's abrasive face, having grabbed it's paper full of formulas, statistics and probabilities, and having ripped them with laughter.
    It's rather about dared to believe that impossible fantasy, that unimaginable hope, to the point of almost feeling it real.
    It's rather about havjng often chosen the dream over the reality, ignoring all the calls and falls. Isn't it like that, after all, that the mankind has been facing the sea, the sky and even beyond?
    With someone ignoring any established common sense and just wildly dreaming to the point of feeling crazy?

    - Sanchi Thukral