• poison_ivy 53w

    Penny-for-my-thoughts #1

    I have seen that if we divide humans based on the fundamental concept of inter and intra personal relationships, there are only two types. And both are completely opposite to one another. One side, We are afraid of Perfection. A pro tip on friendship, if you want to befriend someone easily and for a longer time, no matter how perfect you are don't be perfect. It threatens them, it skips their mind that nobody is perfect but their sane judgement is clouded by the fact that 'If it's imperfect, it is more human'. On the other hand, there are these other type, which looks for perfection. They find perfect a criteria for even the God they believe in. And while both the genres remain true to themselves and carry on in life, everyone looks for imperfections in when it's a intra-relationship like a friendship, but they look for perfection when it's a super power called God. It's a twisted world, but if you look enough and wonder it's based on simple fragile fundamental rules pre-decided. Question one of them and you will know that the roots go deeper than you have anticipated.

    © Sourajit Das