• spooky_27 10w

    Tears - short love story

    Once in a school a boy fall in love with a girl and he also become a good friend of her a d the girl is also talk her freely. Once the girl asked the boy about his girlfriend he said he had a girlfriend but he doesn't know the girl is also love her or not. Days passed and one day the boy's friend spread that thing that he loves a girl. When the whole class knew this they started teasing them writing unusual things on board. When the girl knew this she get very upset not because the boy loved him because the class is teasing her with that boy's name. She told one of his friend to talk him with her at the end of the school . When the boy heard this he got very scarred that what the girl will do. He didn't meat her and went to home after the school. Next day the girl started ignoring him he get very upset and moving towards depression the boy always get angry on his friend and on himself also but he never fought with his friend because he knew that his friend didn't know that this thing will spread a lot. Months passed and this time the teasing get stopped but now also the boy loved that girl only. One day the girl didn't came to school the boy thought she was suffering from fever or some other reasons after a week the class get the news that the girl had an accident and she can't survive and die. Still the boy never forget the girl and since he loves her. He always feels that the girl is near him after some years when he grown up suddenly he went to Nepal and settled their only. From that day no one saw him or heard his news but his friend said that the last time they saw him was with the girl photo and tears. TRUE LOVE NEVER DIES. The girl loved her or not this is still a mystery no one knows this..