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    Just like you left, marking a new beginning and end of something so dear,
    you withered away like those leaves yet remained so near.
    just like you went away leaving me shattered,
    There was love but in the end it was not what mattered.
    these leaves also fall from the tree,
    on the path, crumbled, but now free.
    You broke my heart but the pieces are filled now,
    you must be wondering how?
    these pieces are glued together with hope all new,
    with the thread of hope I have learnt to sew,
    all these broken pieces together
    my heart turned into a strong rock which once was made of the airy feather.
    HOPE is what your breaking my heart gave me,
    for life a whole new perspective to see.
    It made me realise I can hope for better,
    that there are more things in life that matter.
    It gave me a hope for a better life ahead,
    It helped me hear all that was unsaid.
    what? I am sure you will ask,
    It unveiled myself from behind the mask,
    It helped me find me,
    to the door I had locked,it helped me find the key.
    a key to happiness, a key to self care,
    a key to all the voices that were too faint to hear.
    the voices of my heart, voices of my desires,
    that were entangles between all those wires.
    wires of your needs, your demands,
    all your wishes and your commands.
    I had lost myself somewhere along,
    I had even forgotten my favourite song.
    All thanks to you I remember it all today,
    this is all I have to say ,
    I thank you for breaking my heart,
    for it gave my life a whole new start...


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    Autumn leaves remin me of you,
    for it marks the end and beginning of something new.