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    I have never been into a relationship before, I had a crush though but not anymore.... I wrote this from my elder sister's POV, who had to suffer a bad breakup with boyfriend of 9 years who was really abusive and broke her completely, the pain she had to go through was unbearable, now she is with someone far better and treats her like a queen, just like she deserves .... I love you sis, never change yourself, you are the best person I know and you are so strong....
    I think everyone deserve their happy ending. One day you will get too just like my sister. Till then, love your family and friends who were always with you in your highs and lows....
    Take care ��~

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    Did you ever love me?

    I'll take the pain, just give me the truth
    Did you ever love me the way I did?
    Tell me the truth, did you ever felt butterflies when I was with you?
    I think I know the answers, but I wanna hear it from you
    Have the courage! Tell me the truth!
    Cause bitter truth is better than pleasant lies
    I can afford to get my heartbroken early
    But I cannot take the pain of getting my heart shatter when I dive deeper into the ocean of love
    So, tell me the truth
    Did you ever love me?