• annebird23 10w

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    I wrote this as I was reflecting on my childhood, and upbringing. It's like when you're a child and even a teenager; parents think you can't hear them, or aren't listening to them. Children are so curious in nature, at least I definitely was.

    I always knew everything at such a young age, even if I didnt understand it fully at the time, I always heard things I probably shouldn't have been privy to LOL.

    And by everything, I mean sex, money, relationships, loss... I knew about them on a more mature, adult level when I learned of those topics. My parents had always been very straight with me since I was around 7 or 8 years old, as in they didn't baby me a whole lot. My mother was cold; rarely hugged, or said "I love you", just more hard up. My father was absent, and my step father was the one whom showed me the affection, and emotion a child needs from their parents.

    So strange to see how things have panned out now in my life, and the foundations of where I began. So many twists and turns. But why did I only focus on that?

    There are a million other memories of parades, and trips, and camping, and fireworks, and loving moments....those truly defined me as well, because despite the rawness of my upbringing, we still had a loving family!

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    They think you won't see
    The coldness, fake smiles, and tears.
    They think you won't hear
    The screams, cries, and sorry's.
    They think you won't feel
    The pain, guilt, or sorrows...
    That come with an imperfect world.
    You're just a child, still growing.
    Always learning, but always present.