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    Most people say, 'promises are made to be broken'
    Rayrac believes, 'promises should be kept'
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    They promised to always be by my side
    Their rules, I had to abide
    My affection towards them, I couldn't hide
    For them, I actually swallowed my pride
    I accepted them with my arms wide
    I never left their side..

    I was keeping their promises
    They had promised to me, all these
    But I was bought cheaply like cheese
    I always remember their faces
    They were my 'lovers' in phases
    Whose love took me to awful places..

    The promises, I make
    I always make sure I don't break
    But before, this step, I take
    I think of how much my life will shake
    Will I always follow your heel like a snake?
    Promises can be fake
    But hearts, they mercilessly break

    As for you, you made a great attempt
    I mean, promises are made to be kept
    All your promises have been kept
    And all by you, my love tent
    Is all up and paid fully, the rent
    Just because of you, my trust is present
    And I believe in a lover's promises..
    PROMISES should be KEPT!