• fzwnathra 30w


    Our love is a constant battle,
    But aren't you and I are just mere mortal?
    Going around in a circle,
    Stuck in motion to not letting things go unattainable.

    We dance around, to this melody of our rhythm.
    Our heart in sync to the beat of our anthem,
    A symphony of sound that we created that only we can fathom.
    We dance and dance and dance till the night turns to day, and day turns to night, in a state of delirium.

    Minutes turns to hours, hours turns to days and days turns to months of adoration.
    We wove and move and love and dive deep into the sea of passion,
    knowing full well that the wind might change it's course and awaken the rage of the season.
    We push and pull and struggle to defend our place on the throne, when all we've been doing is just carving our own names on the tombstone.

    We paint our days in the colours of pastel, soft and sweet.
    There are days we paint our days in colours of dark hues, those days when our eyes just won't meet.
    But believe me when I say that these brushes of colours make me feel complete.
    You and I is something that I don't mind doing on repeat.

    Mortality may be part of us but our story is going to be immortal.

    -Fazween Athira