• ashwin_mankar 10w


    Why do you need this job??
    A very common question asked to which the genuine answer remains the financial need.
    Obviously its the financial need but other than this there’s one another answer which is known to all but hardly anyone speaks.
    Its the “mental need”. It isn’t easy to see people with same caliber are achieving heights in their career and you struggling to find one. No I don’t mean we are jealous of the people, no, we just mean if not all the heights at least we deserve the ground. Besides, the girl who is waiting for you to settle so that you both can have a life together is the mental pain we can’t even describe. The frustration, the depression are no less than the financial need. The motto of this answer is just to bring in light how the ‘mental need’ for the job is equally if not more devastating than the ‘financial need’