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    "And where does that minute go, that minute that separates life from death? I want those sixty seconds back."

    ~Carmen Rodrigues, 34 Pieces of You

    Syllabication: 10 syllables per line
    No rhyming pattern

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    60 seconds in between

    Emptiness is all that's left within me
    Clinging pain of once revering mem'ries

    These pieces that were meant to be broken
    Sunken on shallow but tempest ocean

    Then sing to me our love song one last time
    Write me a poem even without rhymes

    Draw me masterpiece though colorless,
    Look at me then let's try to fix this mess

    Climb again the highest mountains for me
    Fly through the sky and across boundaries.

    Clock ticking, time passes by so quickly,
    It's been years now since you left heretofore

    Emptiness is all that's left within me,
    Stupor now cause you're all I'll ever be...