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    This is my experience with overpopulation in my town. I am a citizen too. I need comfort too right?
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    "Over Population in Darjeeling."

    It's been many years since I am residing in Darjeeling with my family.
    The incredible increase in the population of this place is noticed each and ever year.
    While my school years I had to walk to reach my school. It was no problem,at that moment.
    During my plus two, the problem started. I had to take cab to reach my school, as it was far from the main town. Me and my one friend had to leave at seven in the morning, as after seven thirty we would get no cab. The whole stand would be full with big people. No one would consider us. Even our school uniform.
    Many a times, we woulf get late. Late for school, then detention.

    During my bachelors, I again had no problem as the college was, in the main town. Transport was not a problem at that time, but the problem arose, with classes. A convent college, full of girls. Here and there. Once in our general class, the whole class was full. The lecturer was horrified. Many of us had to stand, as there were no seats. Lastly, the lecturer chased some girls away, I was among them. We had to begrudgingly, leave the class, and miss one whole class.

    The college was small, and cute. Students were huge and many.

    Three years passed in the college, with many new faces and many constricted classes.

    My masters years, were the worst. The college was huge, with as much as students affordable.
    The problem was the number of cabs.

    I had to take the help of cab again, for two years.
    Winter was fine. Summer. Don't ask. Four semesters and two cycle of seasons.
    Darjeeling is a place for tourists, but what about the locals.
    This year I saw, how a town like this can bear so many people.
    I had to leave an hour early so that I get the cab, a little late, the whole stand would be empty of cabs and full of locals.
    The tourists have the tendency to book these local cabs, and visit the tourist spots. It used to get very infuriating and frustrating. If you get a cab by any chance, there would be so many people who would want to get inside it. I was always pushed aside.
    I had to walk, finally. Walking was also not a easy job. People push you if you don't follow their pace. The audacity of some.
    Me and my friends always have wondered this year, that how come Darjeeling changed do much.
    Elections, tourism, migration.
    Everything had to happen this year. The whole of May and June was hectic.

    I have spend almost a decade on this place. Since the time I have gained my knowledge of my surroundings there are many things I have seen changing right in front of my eyes.
    Population is the most prominent.

    I am a neat freak. Walking on road and crossing many random dumping areas, makes me nauseous. I feel like puking. Especially during rainy days. It feels worse.

    I have seen Darjeeling changing into a dumping yard in my years, in this place. I have felt a deep negative effect of overpopulation on me.

    Tourism won't stop. We can't do anything about it.
    Neither will the increase in the rate to population. Walking on the busy road for me becomes a headache nowadays.
    Can nothing be done?