• chanamanimback 9w

    Faith to the realizms

    yay " I gotcha " jeah my homie til the end . What don't bend will break , we stay up while the rest fake ...... I never loved face book but i digg Seeing a friend , .... I wont break but i will bend !! True friends stay til the end . They don't let water mix with blood they stay true when they see a flood . If i die tomorrow i can say it was an adventure and not to bad . I will try to make this day the best i ever hAD .. I am not afraid of the gun i'am afraid of the bullet . To make it lighter " never trust a fool with a mullet"" F REalizm Lisa womack ,-- Debbie dabbs ..... gary ferreira .....Mia bella and i love you tammy nelson. to all cuzin's.... all familia & my true friendS til the very end , blood brotha , my lil G " at age 2 and up Jessie butterfield Thats " wuts up . Nathan Leonard and his great family and soon to be walkin down the isle w sis . Happend so quick .. I pray for the sick and the people with anger and pain , don't let yourself go insane ... A drug is a drug thats on god and my sis agrees with me on that . We all wear the same f*&*%n" hat . Mirrors on every wall patti said it all .... we are no better than the other one Its time to make life "straight" fun .mOM YOUR MY ICON MY FRIEND MY CREATOR THERE IS NOBODY FUCKIN " GREATER " mEAN THAT YOU ARE APPRECIATED, AINT NO WOMAN ALIVE THAT CAN TAKE YOUR PLACE . I LOVED HOW YA RAISED ME BUT NOW IAM NOT A BABY ...... Stay golden fake book " DONT MEAN THAT CRUDE OR RUDE JUST FACEBOOK CAN BE MISTRUED " . ChAnAStYlE" Mang" e.l peace 1972---1968 ---1951----1952 " will come together in the end .