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    Live life to the fullest. This is the smallest and valuable thing we received from God.

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    We say that suicide means the death of a man.

    But wait a minute!

    Is it death of a body or death of their dreams, hopes of loved ones, and passion?

    Yes. It also includes many things in it.

    Suicide not only kills a body, but also mind, hopes of loved ones, and passion.

    Why one should commit suicide?

    Is it a complete solution to their miseries?

    Do they want to establish themselves in this way?

    Do they want to become a cheater in front of their loved ones in this way?

    Do they want to torture God's gift(i.e., life or body)?

    Yes. Before one was tend to do this, they should question themselves in this way.

    Then the majority of the suicides were ceased.

    Thanking my lecturer for motivating my friend about this.