• gouri_gp 9w

    I was wondering in a
    Summer mid-day afternoon,
    Enjoying the sunshines and smiles.
    Then came You,
    My blue-eyed Hornbill.
    Exchanging talks and smiles,
    Made our way together.
    You kept singing for me
    And I was drowning, in line by line.
    One could feel the love in your voice,
    But I kept pushing you away.
    Kept my mind away from me
    Away from you!
    So badly, I wanted to hold on to you
    But have got my own demons to fight.
    Feared it as my selfishness, I let you go.
    But inside wanted you to wait for me
    Till my fight finish.
    Not sure, if it take a life of time
    Or only a blink of time.
    And I'm letting you go my bird
    To have your freedom
    To have your world.
    And a place to always come back!