• karenallen284 9w

    Dear K,

    There is no other outlet for me except this. I'm not sure where to begin or what to say to express every emotion my heart goes through when you're around and you're not.

    When I first met you, I always knew I wanted to befriend you. In all honesty, who wouldn't! You are amazing and confident and everything I wished I was. I persisted but never forcefully....and finally befriended you. I didn't do this in any other way but to make you see that I genuinely care for you like no one else in your friend circle.

    We're now at a point where we're the very best of friends. We talk constantly over text, in person, every day...and when we don't it feels so weird. A part of my soul is lost every time you're not around physically or virtually. It actually aches a little bit. I'm not sure if this is some sort of obsession or infatuation or my soul purely deeply connected with yours that it can't be apart for too long.

    I do love and I love hard. I would do nearly anything for you and you know that. Maybe this is some sort of harmless adoration or admiration. But I know one thing for certain.... you feel it too. I sense it in the things you say, and the way you act. We would never say it out loud to each other but we know what exactly those feelings are in our hearts. Does everyone feel this at some point? I'm too afraid to ask.

    I don't know about you but I love that feeling. It's the best! It makes my heart soar into the sky with happiness. I only hope, it stays like this forever. It has been nearly 4 years and it hasn't gone away. It has only become stronger and we closer. Although I don't know what exactly this is...I never ever want to lose it.