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    I heard a car alarm go off
    At least once that hour..

    And once a week that spring
    The rain on my head, did shower..

    Fire trucks rushed by my house
    At least twice a night..

    And seeking warmth that winter
    Hundreds of geese
    Will have taken flight..

    Maybe once or twice
    That year
    I noticed
    A flag flying half-mast..

    And everyday
    After school
    The kids around me
    Were having a blast..

    In my
    Own small world
    That had me jailed
    In increments of time..
    I was a prisoner
    In a clock
    A forward wind..

    Leaving me
    To notice
    The lack of You..
    Each second
    Of each minute
    Of every hour
    And this day
    Becomes all week
    Then a month..
    And like a dust
    Blew away
    That whole painful year..

    I had thought of you
    Every nano-moment
    And from you
    I did not hear..

    So I whispered prayers
    Screamed through tears
    Talked to walls
    My God
    Let this year
    Not turn to year(s)..

    You must know
    Without you two
    I was beyond
    My own despair
    Not knowing what to do..
    In a barren land
    With breaths not taken
    My heart crystallized
    Around this breaking..

    Time had

    I wore
    My prison blues
    To bed..
    Struck down
    With thoughts of you
    Trapped, stuck
    O N I G!
    B U C N
    Like a ball
    In my head..

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    As Time Passes On, Without You..

    (Picture from novel"empty arms")
    The full poem that inspired the Excerpt i made into my "forlorn" poem)