• anthonyr 11w

    Trust Yourself but Acknowledge When Wrong

    Is it worth it to reveal yourself, when nobody can give what is needed at the core. Just, learning to take care of ourselves and once we do, perhaps help those that may tread similar paths or can give answers to.

    Save them the time, confusion and whatever else, when you already lived it and can give a fully lived answer. One where you're on the other side of it. If it happens. Personally, I don't want to live for no reason, something more important than myself but perhaps it all starts with healing, acknowledging and reclaiming ourselves. Then other people if we want or can.

    I don't see a reason to not give an answer to another person, that could save them the same personal pain and journey, which amounted to only self-destructive tendencies. Save them the time, maybe give some answers if they match for them, give or take, because we can't control anybody else's decisions or frame of mind, only what we can do and can choose to do.

    (Just felt like writing something )