• haliax 23w

    21th century revolution

    Beware brother, this time revolution will not be televised,
    Because this time it will happen on reddit pages
    Judged by the upvotes rather than the causes.
    This time there will be no public protests
    B'cause this time upheaval will arise on FB pages.
    In the midst of like, sad and anger buttons
    Emotions will not be televised brother
    This time there will be no aesthetics brother
    As this time the revolution will be content within 140 characters
    Full of hashtags and at the rates
    Or incapacitated inside the snaps
    With the stickers of revolution
    And filters of Bolsheviks on the face.
    This time there will be no leaders
    Just the ones who can mock better than others.
    This time we'll not have subversive writers with revolutionary ideas
    As this time revolution will be rooted on obscene images by witless rebellions.
    But there is a silver lining my brother
    There will be no massacre
    Not even a person will be killed
    Not because of empty streets
    Only because soulless souls cannot be enthrilled.