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    This is best incident that i had experience in my life till now. And i would like to share it with all of you. So here we go.
    One day a small boy came to me and said "bhaiya have you ever eat the lollipop." I replied "yeah ofcourse cutie. I had eat many lollipop in my childhood." He said it, had a lollipop in his hand "so, what happened now ? Why do you not eat this juicy lollipop at this age ? I replied, making him confuse "who said this cutie. I eat the lollipop at this age also but whenever i eat this i remember the whole memories of my childhood. So, i doesn't know about my age. I always goes to my childhood."
    Childhood is the best part of our life that we all never want to loose. We can pay any cost for it just to be in our childhood. Many times we all wanted to end up our life just because of the few bad results from our expectations. The main reason of sharing it with you is of the coming up results of the exams. Remember your childhood memories, Remember the expectations of your parents, remember your dreams, remember that you are still passionate towards your passion, remember that their are still many paths that are open for you.
    Past can never came back but it gives the reason to live future, this is what i believe.

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    Story of Childhood

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