• blackmagicmuse 5w

    When It Calls Upon You

    Love is a calling
    One filled with emotion but also bursts of stillness
    Often times too many emotions overflow and cause a flood
    Or they disappear leaving a broken path in its wake
    Will you answer its call or hide away
    It's essentially a leap of faith
    One that can lead you into the happiest moment of your life
    Or entirely the opposite
    There's a push and pull to everything
    A yin to a yang
    You see there is no light without a bit of darkness
    Much like how the sun still casts a shadow
    It's beautiful and warm
    But when it's gone it's cold and silent
    Oh how I break for the poor who experience such heartache
    Such woe that they drown in their own sorrow
    But I fear not
    For there is hope in even the darkest of places
    For all you must do is turn to the light
    You must turn to step ahead
    Heartbreak is inevitable
    But the sun is just steps away
    It is up to you whether you feed the light or snuff it