• writer_in__distress 50w

    Us and The Difference

    We were different,
    We were the same where ever we went.
    We have been through a lot,
    We have a million times fought.

    But we find us more important,
    Maybe that's why we are together where ever we went.
    Sometimes your absence scared me,
    Sometimes my absence didn't let you be.

    We found us to be worth a lifetime,
    Even in the stormy winds we became each other's chime.
    We valued us beyond our individuality,
    We talked about our life in duality.

    Time outs and breaks didn't appeal to us,
    Each and everything was something we needed to discuss.
    I became a night needing your darkness,
    I became the burning sun while you preached about your brightness.

    Even if for each other we became toxic,
    Beyond you and me us is what we always pick.
    Time and heartbreaks tested the promises made,
    But we weren't those who just fade.

    We broke ourselves just for us,
    Even if it was superfluous.
    But everything was serene when we were together,
    We valued the present more than the unpredictable forever.