• priyaparthiban 10w

    Stop it! Just stop it

    She is ugly!She is weird!
    Insane describes her..
    My eyes says ,She is pretty
    Mad named her ugly
    My heart named her miss beauty
    Some says her victim
    My soul says, she is a survivor
    People motivate her but at back they defame her
    The psychopath ruined her outer beauty
    But not the inner beauty,
    It's not an fantasy world to heal the scars with a magic stick
    But then she healed her scars by her inner soul
    Her naked soul is adorable
    She rised and reborn from the ash like a phoenix bird
    she is not ashamed ,she starts to lead her Career without any hesitation
    She won title of miss universe
    With her inner sparkle
    Now it's time too the psychopath to run away with shame
    she proved her what she is...
    We can't even realate the pain of acid attack survior
    And yes not only women also men in the society recently face the same
    When this cruel creatures will realize ?
    The pain of them
    Stop it just! stop it !