• fearsotherside 5w

    Energy Update:
    Breathing, Mind to Heart

    So peoples, the energy, the energy!!!

    There has been a bit going on for me, twice over the last few days I've broken out in a rash, both different types. Yesterday I felt like crap. But it was such a great day. I was ebbing & flowing. Mental state high vibe, authentically taking the good with the bad, feeling there's good things to come. I was definately following my compass. Randomly ending up at a bakery, no real idea why, until I saw an old friend from years back. We had coffee & chats about life pretty much.

    Last night out of nowhere I start getting smashed with anxiety, my solar plexus was going nuts, insomnia eat your heart out! I had to scream into my pillow, wanting to release the excessive energy swirling around in me.

    Today the universe is saying stop. Stop every thing & chill. I planned action for today. A to do list, an attitude of get shit done. I get slammed with the worst period & pains that I've had for months, nice & early too. I believe I'm being reminded to pace myself, let go of control & keep that balance. Remember to be gentle on myself & things can wait. There's always a message & something to Learn.

    I am transferring my mind energy into my heart space. Everytime a worry or conflicting inner dialogue comes to mind. Closing my eyes & allowing my breath to take the thought from my mind & into my heart space. I'm not sure if I created this & am only now able to articulate it or I picked it up somewhere. Moving it into the heart space is the magic part. Certainly a recalibrate kind of day.