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    ��|Words heal me|❤
    What do you love the most in the world?, I asked myself tonight..
    I didn't have to think for long for my heart said my "Parents", my brain said "Success", both being at conflict, and my soul ended the confusion and exclaimed, "words".
    Yes words both heart and mind agreed at once!
    Now I am At peace!
    And this is why:
    When I am thirsty of knowledge, words fill my cup more than anything.
    When I am drowing in sadness, words become my gills and help me in staying alive.
    When I am hungry for love, words are the only thing I crave.
    When I am weak and down on my knees, words empower me!
    When I am scared, in the dark, Words give me hope and courage by becoming my torch.
    When I am lost in the wilderness of my mind, words guide me, words help me to release the dense pressure of overthinking,
    I jot them down
    I say them aloud
    I cry them out
    I tear pages with my words
    when the world tries to rip my heart apart
    So words are my saviour
    My reason for life!
    Words are thus my helpline and my elixir of life!

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