• bimalendupadhi 6w

    Theoretical knowledge

    O man! Always pay attention to the thought of philosophical knowledge,
    Stay away from making false money.

    Fellowship with the righteous is the essence of the world,
    Accompanying the saint will help you to cross the sea of ​​sorrow.

    Born in this world will surely die,
    Will be born again in the womb.

    This world is a mess,
    There will never be peace here.

    Money is the cause of misery,
    Addiction does not lead to happiness.

    As the water pours out on the lotus leaves,
    In the same way, life is shaky.

    The disease is like poison to the body,
    See, this world is always in mourning.

    Enemies, friends, sons, none of our own,
    Disputes or treaties are all false playgrounds.

    See equality everywhere,
    If you are thinking of getting God.

    Original Sanskrit language: - Adi Shankaracharya,
    Bimalendu Padhi.