• ice_zeng 10w


    If we compare
    Our relationship is not fair
    We fail to see our worth
    We never feel each other's care

    Our probability to be together
    Is not the exact number
    Aren't we worth to be with each other?

    Let's start with tossing a coin
    Let's see, where would it turn
    Will our relationship be the best permutation
    Or will it be the worst combination?

    If it turns head
    Let's start over again
    But, if it turns tail
    It means that our relationship fail.

    Will we just end here?
    How about all those years?
    Should we forget all those memories?
    Are we both ready to yearn?

    There are a lot of ways
    For you and I to stay
    But, what are doing?
    It's been four days.

    I waited for you
    I counted stars
    I cried a river
    Yet, you didn't come.

    Now, I can say
    Our probability failed
    Now it's time to end
    Let's stop here.