• morrison001 6w

    Breathe for Black

    We are Unequally democratic.
    Laws made equally, but punishments biased.

    Kills for the Black man,
    Patience for the white.
    "I can't breathe"
    He cried.
    Phones recorded,
    Yet He died.

    A black man's life,
    Is something as valuable as peral.
    Yet they treat it like trash, that's why I'm making this call.

    A white man kills,
    Yet still alive.
    A black man forged a cheque they say and they made him pay with his life.

    Justice we seek.
    What they had promised to provide.
    Yet we take on these streets.
    Again, with the dream that we'll one day survive.

    George, We take on these streets with your name in bold.
    History books will proclaim you as gold.

    In hopes that your name will be the last.
    Of black people that are treated like outcasts

    We will fight this fight and breach the walls of Racism
    We will breathe.
    We will fight because black lives matter.

    –Angelo Morrison