• voice_in_the_wind 10w


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    In a city of thousands,
    I've never felt so alone.
    We're so connected but neglected,
    Lack of love sending us in an early tombstone

    Suicide rates have been rising steadily,
    As has violence and addiction.
    The lovelessness is killing us inside,
    Leaving a lot with a permanent affliction.

    Depression, anxiety and PTSD,
    And pills and bills and despair.
    When it could all be so different,
    We all just need someone to care.

    To care for,
    To be cared from.
    We need love,
    We need it to become.

    Become happier and feel better in our own skin,
    Because else we'll keep whittering away.
    If we keep hiding all our hurt,
    Then the hurt will always stay.