• unknown_763 24w


    I feel this overwhelming happiness,
    So called Euphoria.
    Bursting into laughter
    Turning into a dilemma

    Fastly, Swiftly.
    It passes by verily.
    Rarely felt by many.
    After all, you were sad subconsciously.

    Oh, How I miss to be purely happy
    Never thinking of anything deeply
    Playing around like nothing's wrong
    Just being happy. I'm really unsure.

    Immensely, you'll start Euphoric
    After that it feels Terrific.
    Maybe you weren't worth for such a thing,
    And you'll regret what you just did.

    Euphoria, Extreme happiness.
    A dilemma of a bitter after taste.
    A teenager's problem,
    Everytime they find them.