• kaylove 23w

    To my beloved sister, Keeana.

    Also know that there is always a way out of those situations, not "running away" as others may view it. But to walk away from the bullshit, and to Respect One's Self and Energy. To literally Love our self unconditionally where we need to start lifting our self out of those Degrading events. To know that YOU have Choices, that nobody, I mean NOBODY, ANYBODY should be able to control that. YOU CREATE YOUR REALITY, You have the brush to your blank canvas. And anything that is threatening your energy space. You can simply walk out n walk away. Don't allow it to consume you. Our Inner Child exists in each of us. By staying in that, you are tormenting and abusing that innocent, pure, happy child. And if you can just say "No" And own up to your own energy, stand up for your beautiful life that God is knocking at your door to give you.That child will rejoice in forever Happiness. You then will be truly, authentically Happy. No opinion, decision, choice can be bent by those who try to hinder your success.