• a_poesy_dream 9w


    In a slumber when I go
    My soul wakes up to run
    Run into that imaginary land
    Where everything is divine and love
    I rushed to the green bushes
    The air with sweet fragrances
    Of beautiful flowers
    That Welcomed the monsoon
    I ran into that whimsical figure
    Standing with a book in his palm
    He saw me and hugged me
    I smiled and We sat down
    On the open grass lands
    He read the amazing stories
    Of my Lord and about his past times
    I rested my head on his shoulders
    He rested his hands on mine
    I stared at him curiously
    "What would you look like?" said I
    "Why such a question....
    Don't you know this body is crook
    So soon the body you have pride on
    Will be destroyed to the dust
    The same dust that you stand upon
    All these beautiful ornaments
    Will be passed on to Earth again
    And your bodily beauty will go in vain
    And only your soul will remain
    I don't see your body but
    I know you are so pretty
    Because I have felt your soul
    We recognise each other by feelings
    You feel U talk so you write
    You feel me pinch you so we fight
    Sweet daughter of God
    Don't waste time in soiled thoughts
    Think of the beauty you feel"
    And again he looked back to his book
    I slipped down my head to his lap
    And asked "Does our soul have gender?"
    Smiling he said "No
    Souls are free of prejudices
    Souls don't have name or age
    They eternally exist
    But when we do good deeds
    Under the lotus feet of our god
    We rise and we don't get snared
    By such illusions of life"
    I sat down and gazed at the sky
    Wishing why God why!!!
    "Why can't I ever see this imagination
    That beyond my thoughts is real
    I just thought it and didn't say it
    "What do you wish to have!
    FEEL me, OR SENSE me with your body
    Tell me about the men who sensed you
    Tell me about the men you have sensed
    Did they love you with a diamond heart
    Are not they the once who brought tears
    To the same eyes they praised efficiently
    Even if you wish you can't leave me
    We are tied eternally
    Because we are perfect like this
    So don't think too much!!"