• thesoliloquy 9w

    Unseen Injuries

    I never let on that their words killed me with their bite,
    I die a little more inside each time they take flight,
    Attacking across distances they find their target and strike,
    They humbled me,
    But I didn't need it,
    Loving myself was something I could never get right,
    They're like bullets but the real ones are less dangerous to me,
    At least with metal, there's pain, but it'd finally set my soul free,
    These intrusive thoughts are always deemed selfish and weak,
    "Think about your family, think about your family!"
    I'm trying, I'm trying.
    Help me!
    The weight of it is crushing,
    My shoulders; constantly hunching,
    You think being called names is what pushed me over the edge?
    It was the tip of the ice burge,
    It just weakened the ledge.