• cercandolaverita 6w

    #abuse #anger #dark #evil
    This is written to everyone who has ever abused, humiliated, molested or raped or hurt an innocent child, man, woman and human being. I may not give in to the dark man, but one day, he will come for you. And you will have no savior.

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    Death is too good for you

    Maybe peace is in taking you away.

    Maybe silence is in taking your life.

    Maybe serenity is in mutilating your most inner human qualities and cutting your soul deeper than a knife could go.

    Maybe freedom is bought with your blood taken through endless hours of excruciating pain.

    Maybe my peace and my silence lies in the inhumane, sick and twisted things I could return to you.
    Everything you gave to others, if I could bring it down upon you in the darkest most sinful ways possible.

    Maybe my silence and peace is in your destruction and agony.

    Maybe I could, for a moment, give the dark man an open door.

    Maybe he could show me how to annihilate you.

    But would all of this not make me as fucked up as you are?
    So I won't allow the dark man in but one day, he will follow your shadow and you will have no savior.