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    We're taught from a young age to express our emotions as little as possible. To bottle them up because nobody likes to see a person sobbing because they're heartbroken, nobody likes to see a person cry when they're frustrated. It makes others feel uncomfortable. Crying in public makes you weak.
    And so we go along with this messed-up idea and we force ourselves not to cry, we do all things possible to hold back those tears, to hide and cry and then clean ourselves up so it doesn't seem like we were crying. We risk our mental health to do this, making ourselves more susceptible to depression and anxiety.
    This #worldmentalhealthday let's stop giving in to this toxic idea of what being strong is. Let's embrace the emotions, let's cry when we need to and laugh when we need to and moreover, let's not teach our children that crying makes them weak.

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    "Don't be a sissy"
    They told me
    Because I was timid and cried when
    People spoke in raised voices

    "Just deal with it"
    I heard
    When the sight of blood from my skinned knee
    Brought tears to my eyes

    "Who will handle the others if you break down like this?"
    They asked
    When I sobbed at the loss of my grandmother

    I began to wonder,
    Is it really worth it?

    Is it worth it
    For me to risk my mental health,
    To bottle up my emotions
    For the delusional ideals of a messed-up society?
    Is it worth it for me to
    Lock myself in the bathroom and sob,
    To muffle my cries with my pillow in the dead of night,
    Just to conform to
    Society's toxic idea of 'being strong'?