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    The modern world is all messed up. People don't believe in fairy tales and happy endings anymore. No more unicorns, fairies, magic, and even true love. They forgot how to be truly happy because they have been awaken from their own fantasy.

    They are now afraid to show what their real emotions are. They are unhappy yet they put a smile on their face. They are angry but they don't let it out and just cry from anger. People now hide their feelings. It's only rare now for them to show their genuine smiles and laughters.

    Hearts have been broken, shattered into pieces. No promises were met, trusting someone became a challenge. They are now afraid to open their hearts once more because they might end up getting hurt again. The world is all messed up.

    Love is now just a game. Some plays it, some takes it seriously. Those who are serious end up getting broken while those who play it end up either regretting it or enjoying it.

    People deny their feelings. They are in love with someone but they are not courageous enough to admit it.

    I guess that's just how it works now. People talk about themselves being in love with someone where in fact it is who in their front they are truly in love with.

    It is getting harder and harder to find someone who will stick with us till the end, someone who will never betray us and someone who will accept us for what we truly are.

    If you want to change this messed up world, don't let your fantasy be taken away from you by reality. Keep on dreaming, wishing and hoping that this world will be filled with trust, love, and acceptance. Sing with all your heart, dance the rhythm, and follow the beat of your heart.

    Dream it and do it. That's the only way for dreams to come true.




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