• hasanp 5w

    Never break Promises

    Promise is exact like trust that you have on others by knowing that they will fulfill it or not. It is exactly a commitment that we make to fulfil it to avoid further circumstances. It could be any promises like oath, official contract,etc. Once we promise particularly we should be serious and focused because it is like that we are dependent on others, they value our trust, commitment. They have a special bond and develop a good feelings on us. Keeping promises can also help us to be secure and free from worries. But there would be some problem if we don't work on our promises. It would break the bond with our loved ones. It would hurt others sentiments and trust. It would make us isolated from dearest ones, officially it would fire us from the organisation. Our image would be ruined and framed as liar. They would think that we are hypocrite and don't have value of our commitment and we lose respect from everyone. Now to gain people's trust and respect we should be very serious about our commitments, promises and crystal clear about what we are doing. If anyone share secrets with us we should not circulate to everyone otherwise it would result to an eruption of our bond and trust. We should also start writing about what we have committed so that other people would definitely be reliable on us. We practice to write because memories doesn't work sometimes as we work and store lot of information. If we face any problem by fulfilling it then we should find alternative solution to gain trust and confidence. Hence promise is just like trusting upon others and winning other's confidence and satisfaction. It define our values and maturity. We should never break promises.