• silent_intelligent 5w

    Most imperfect couple

    We brawl
    We have downfall
    We blame
    We play games

    We negotiate
    We irritate
    We establish
    We say rubbish

    We adjust
    We mess
    We destroy stuffs
    We bluff

    We hurt
    We flirt
    We spoil mood
    We elude

    We hate
    We negate
    We compete
    We plead

    We have our fun
    We are kinda stubborn
    We plan
    We ban

    We do stupidity
    We pity
    We care
    We dare

    We understand
    We misunderstand
    We watch movies
    We act like babies

    We appreciate
    We respect
    We prioritise
    We sympathise

    We give attitude
    We pay gratitude
    We are unusual
    We are unpredictable

    We feel
    We deal
    We love
    We keep it above.......!