• noehcra 5w

    "The only way I could escape my own mind was to leave behind my own identity.
    Whenever Yug feels overwhelmed, I escape by being Archeon"

    "That's not a good coping mechanism, you know"

    "But it helps me survive"

    "And what if you finally give in one day? What if Archeon falls?"

    "Archeon will never fall. The part of my being that's capable of falling is the human one, Yug is that part, he can fall, he can lose. But Archeon is a symbol, I created that identity and I can dictate what it stands for."

    "I'm not really sure if I understand."

    "Look at what you're seeing, it's a flaming eagle. First and foremost, it signifies freedom. Archeon IS my freedom. Secondly, it resembles a phoenix if you think about it. And what does a phoenix stand for? Rebirth. Rising back up in a brilliant flare from within the ashes. And all that's possible because he exists in a make believe world"

    "You do know how crazy that sounds, right?"

    "I know, so I guess you could say that Archeon is someone I always looked up to and wanted to be... And at the same time, I AM Archeon."

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    I am Archeon.