• positivity_in_us 23w

    " She is a bit over, like "
    " She is like so kind that sometimes
    It's like she is fake"
    "She is a pushover"
    She is obsessed with everything
    And everyone". Stop!!
    Agreed, she might be fake,
    She might have that art of
    Faking her own tears,
    She might be a pushover,
    Saying yes to whatever her friends say,
    She is not afraid of losing them,
    She must just be a pushover,
    But to all the ones who think this
    About anyone, a boy or a girl,
    Just because you don't understand
    A heart, doesn't make it wrong,
    Okay, you don't get it, then cool,
    Stay away, but don't judge,
    Don't make them feel crazy,
    They deserve the love they give out,