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    It is at the middle of the night ,she woke up and switched on the lights. "Bad dreams again" she murmured and went to drink water.Only the clock's tic toc sound is heard.Not able to sleep again she went to the shelf and picked up a book ,a random book.Sat on her bed and turned the pages while switching on the reading lamp."Why would my hands get only love story books "she said annoyingly to herself.

    The story started
    " He is the crown prince of the land
    Whom i can never dream to lay my hand" she muttered to herself while her eyes dreamingly float in the sky while looking at the prince smile. "Akane yuzuki ,what are you dreaming about now,dont tell me its the prince again" whispered a cheerful young women named chicka etsuko while handling her the shield.They both grew up in the same land more like sisters than best friends.They joined the empress's army like they dreamt. "Chicka ,if they caught us talking, we will be done for"Akane said sternly in order to hide her blushing cheeks.Chicka kept quite as she saw the general looking at their way.

    The prince was supposed to take a look at their warcraft side."Aoi Hoshi, the crown prince of this cherry blossom land is on his way here.Soldiers on their knees"said a sharp voice on back of their team.
    Every soldier went on their knees because of the order as well as the respect they have for the imperial house.Aoi Hoshi is said to be skilled in sword fighting.No one in the entire land can match his pace is what the rumors said.Akane's heart flickered as she sensed Aoi's presence.But deep inside she wants to beat Aoi in sword fight.That is one of her dreams.Aoi entered the war chamber with elegance holding his sword Rai.The famouse Rai was said to be wielded from the thunder itself.

    "Raise my comrades"Aoi's voice filled the air.It shouldnt be the way to greet the soldiers,but they all know Aoi is different."i have come to see your skills you have built up this year.Some of you whom i will choose will fight me single handedly in a sword fight"
    A pariticular senior group trembled because they know the reason behind this.No one who fought the prince before hasnt left without a broken something.This years juniors included women for the first time.A little smile played along the lips of Akane.She felt"Atlast here is my chance to make my dream come true".Chicka knew Akane will take this opportunity if given the chance.She is also good at sword fighting and her speed is her advantage.

    They displayed their skills in groups, fighting each other .The best of best is taken to the prince's choice.Akane is the only women who is been chosen among the top three.The prince Aoi won the last two matches without any sweat and the two men ended up in deep cuts.Akane never felt this ready in her life.
    "Akane Yuzuki"she heard ,as her name is being called.She took firm steps towards the prince with the heart of love as well as mind of dream.

    Aoi's lips curved into a slight grin and said "a women?"interesting".Akane bend down in her knees and payed her respects to the prince and readed her sword.Aoi said "Dont hurt yourself kitten" amusingly.
    Akane, felt little irritated and said "Are you afraid my prince Aoi?" boldly.Prince Aoi's grin vanished ,His crimson eyes narrowed, looks like it was set on fire.Akane's lush green eyes starred equally but with coolness. Swords started to clash and the sharp sound filled everywere.They continued for a short while , and the sounds went nil when Akane fell to the ground with the Aoi's sword near her neck and his breath touching her skin.Aoi said "told you kitten,now be a good girl and go home"

    Akane pushed back the sword within a second and charged again ,this time her speed is like the old times.Aoi surprised and thought to himself "she must have held back" Akane catching her breath thought to herself" i almost lost it there,he is an attractive distraction".They both speed up and the wind played along.Atlast the prince won by pinning her on the wall and taking her sword."You did really well,only little more training and you will be good enough kitten"Aoi said with an impressive tone. Akane was lost in catching her breath "you are very skilled prince Aoi as the people say"

    The prince laughed a little and started to walk away.Akane stumbled a little on the steps below
    And fell directly on the prince Aoi's back and for balance she clinged to his shoulders.Aoi turned and helped her to regaining her composure while saying" clumsy too? little kitten,or you want to throw yourself that bad on me ?" .while Ckika giggled watching them from afar and said to herself"This is the first time her clumsiness put to good use".This time Akane is furious,containg her anger she said"My apologize my prince.This wont happen again and i have no such intentions even if you want me to have"

    Aoi is now slowly getting attracted to her bold replies because no women has ever spoken this way to him back.Aoi smiled and said "i got a wild one here " and crossed the bridge and left the war chamber.Akane's heart took a long time to calm down and the redness in her cheeks dint vanish even after she met chika.
    That night the thoughts of prince Aoi was filled with that young soldier Akane.
    Akane on the other hand wrote about her prince.
    "Those crimson eyes
    held no lies
    Its heaven's prize
    My land's sunrise
    Will you be my own suprise?"
    Finishing it with his teasing words and the way he fought once again he held her heart.

    *Chapter-1 over*
    She closed the book smiling from ear to ear.
    Why cant be life filled with people and feelings like this?she said that loud but no one to hear.Her sad eyes holds a story no one knows.
    "what a beautiful chapter" whispered a deep known voice .She turned to look at the dark figure standing beside her.There he is standing ,with a cute brown eyes and his bangs touching his right eyes.with smile so dazzling he asked "Miss me?Mia."
    Mia smiled and tears in her eyes,she tried to wipe his bangs back to his head but only felt her hands move further into him.Yes.This is the ghost of her dead boyfriend.After Mia got the ring from grandma she is able to see Dili these few days now.Dili an optimistic boy and also Mia's boyfriend 5 years past.

    _____The End____

    If you read the whole story ,do tell me about what you feel.criticism is welcomed caz i have to improve myself. @feeding_my_heart
    @rey_iyer @swathi_ @ruen_roven @sinon_stewart @xenthe_royce @gracesweet @xyl_ayvlis ●I want you guys to read this if you have time ,caz criticism from you all is much more needed for me.

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    .... " He is the crown prince of the land
    Whom i can never dream to lay my hand".....
    ......"what a beautiful chapter" whispered a deep known voice . "Miss me?Mia."....