• fel_in_no_phile 10w

    Favourite place?

    Favourite activity?

    Favourite time?
    Time spent taking a long bath

    ... Oh! Even i like long baths. They are very relaxing.
    .... You've totally mistaken something. I like it not because it is relaxing. But it is....
    The place where i engage myself conversing and arguing with multiple real and fictional characters.....
    The place where i rehearse dialogues that has to be put out in fictional situations
    (What if the situations come true!! Though i dare not to utter the least of those)
    The place where i travel back to the past to wake up a done and dusted dead and rotten situation to give it the breath of life just to express every little emotion and every single word that was boiling and bubbling in the tip of my tongue and because i spoke no word then, even though my mind was exploding and extremely loud!!
    .....now say...do i have relaxing baths?
    (Just another human thing)

    ...Suppressed by the society and brought up
    Expressed inside four walls of a bathroom...