• maayamaaya 9w

    The Passersby

    One fine year ,
    Few forgotten nights ,
    Some blur memories,
    Some blackout nights ,
    Few unknown roads ,
    Some more roads ,
    Few strangers,
    Some more strangers ,
    Some guilt ,
    Few regrets,
    Some more of it
    Some smokes,
    Some stoned souvenir,
    Some forgotten kisses ,
    More kisses
    Some sins
    Some more sins
    Some starving
    Some more of it
    Few lies ,
    A long lived misery ,
    Some myths ,
    A dead poet ,
    A diary,
    Some drunken moments,
    A hand shake ,
    Some kisses
    Some more kisses,
    Some drunken nights,
    A promise,
    Some more promise,
    A deaf, dumb and blind love ,
    Some more kisses,
    Some pain,
    Not feeling ,
    Some more
    Some more doing
    Some more of it
    Some soul starving
    An avalanche of pain ,
    Then some more,
    A promise,
    Some more again,
    Then some hurt,
    Some more,
    Then some numbness ,
    Some wet pillows,
    Some more,
    Some silent screams,
    One at a time ,
    Some complaints,
    Some kisses,
    Some more ,
    Heart exploded ,
    Then one bright morning,
    Some more of it ,
    Not a promise,
    Some begging,
    Some more,
    Not a kiss,
    No more ,
    Not anymore .