• revathychandrasekhar 6w

    The gleam of sunshine caused a divine vibration
    and a few deep breaths nourished my soul .The
    direction of breeze led to the beautiful roads
    where people lifted their cheeks like curtains with
    all smiles,greeting each other and celebrating
    each others success without envy & greed.
    As I walked through the streets,
    people were worshipping nature and few were feeding
    the birds & stray dogs.I sighted love & kindness
    everywhere around me.And the hypocrites were
    practicing genuinity & equality at that moment.Each and everyone were living the moment as the trend of capturing
    is no more a trend.As I passed through a showroom
    I heard the headline"The Nation is Happy now!" that really stilled me.I heard a divine voice saying,"This is the new afterward".As I looked upto the sky it showered love!

    Happy reading❤

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